• The Europe PortalEurope decides


    Each decision in Brussels will bring advantages, but also disadvantages. More citizens of politicians is the desire. Here counts is your opinion.

  • The Europe PortalEurope decides


    Sage der Politik, ob dir die aktuelle Lage gefällt. Das Barometer zeigt die aktuelle Stimmung an. Am Verlauf sehen die Politiker endlich, wie die Zufriedenheit ihrer Bürger nach großen Ereignissen steigt oder sinkt.

  • The Europe Portalshape Europe


    You have an idea that advances in Germany or Europe. Here you can share it. Everyone thanks you for your idea, it brings a bit further.

  • The Europe PortalMore opinions. More information.

    Pro & Contra

    The important arguments (for & resist) exists . But where? Make your knowledge available, for everyone can build an opinion.

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An open Project lives from the impact people brings. We can need each hand. You want to encourage for a good cause?  



The basic idea of the founder of this initiative is: More democracy and more participation for a common Europe.